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Retention of Venezuelan Plane is Imperial Looting: CADPH

  • EMTRASUR plane retained in Argentina.

    EMTRASUR plane retained in Argentina. | Photo: Twitter/ @JoseCampagnoli

Published 12 August 2022

Human rights defenders demanded the immediate release of the crew and the return of the plane to the Boliviarian government.

On Wednesday, the American Coordinator for the Rights of Peoples and Victims of Prison (CADPH) expressed its repudiation and concern about the retention in Argentina of the plane of the Venezuelan company EMTRASUR and its crew.


Venezuela Rejects Retention of its Airplane in Argentina

"That decision lacks any legal basis... because the plane was not being requested by any commercial aviation regulatory agency, the cargo it was carrying... complied with international regulations on the matter," CADPH recalled, mentioning that the crew members were not wanted by any international security agency.

Human rights defenders demanded the immediate release of the crew and the return of the plane to the Venezuelan State. They also criticized the Argentinian authorities for allowing a judge to detain the plane and its crew on the basis of questionable criteria.

"This series of events worsened when, resorting to all kinds of legal arbitrariness, the U.S. Department of Justice, the vehicle of its imperialist ambitions, ordered the seizure of the EMTRASUR plane," the CADPH pointed out, adding that "this incident is one more chapter in the succession of robberies that the U.S. empire has perpetrated against Bolivarian Venezuela."

Human rights defenders accused the U.S. of developing "a true fourth-dimensional war" against Venezuela. In this regard, for example, CADPH recalled the robbery of the oil company CITGO, the freezing of Venezuelan gold in the Bank of England, and the illegal retention of the Bolivarian diplomat Alex Saab in U.S. prisons.

“There is no clause in international regulations that obliges a sovereign country like Argentina to submit to the legislation of another more powerful country. That would be equivalent to transgressing the United Nations Charter,” the NGO added.

The CADPH brings together institutions from Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States. Its mission is fighting against various forms of State violence and in favor of the integration of the American peoples.

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