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President of Nicaragua: "Voting for Peace Is Taking Place"

  • President of Nicaragua:
Published 6 November 2022

The president emphasized that people are voting for Nicaragua and by doing so they are also voting for peace.

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, went this Sunday to vote in the municipal elections held in that country and said that the vote cast by the population is for peace.


Municipal Elections Proceed Normally in Nicaragua

In statements to the media, together with Vice President Rosario Murillo, the President said that "Nicaraguans, Nicaraguans know that this vote is a vote for peace. Beyond the party to which they cast their vote, they are voting for Nicaragua and by voting for Nicaragua they are voting for peace".

"On this day in which we are electing local authorities, deputy mayors, councilors, of all the municipalities of our country, both in the central zone, in the Pacific zone, in the North Caribbean zone, in the South Caribbean, in all parts of Nicaragua," he said.

President of Nicaragua Comandante Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo when making their vote in these Sovereign Municipal Elections "This is a vote for Peace, we are voting for Nicaragua and by voting for Nicaragua we are voting for Peace"

In addition, the head of state added that thanks to the new roads that have been built, reaching places previously difficult to access, "surely we will have many more Nicaraguans with the possibility, not only to face the day to day, in school, in health, at work, but also the possibility of defending peace with their vote".

"We salute all the Nicaraguan families, all the Nicaraguan youth, youth that we are sure are turning with all their hearts to cast their vote for peace in Nicaragua", concluded the President.

For her part, Vice President Murillo said that these "sovereign elections that consolidate us, contribute to consolidate peace, from a culture of peace, of democracy, of protagonism of the families, of the communities".

"Every vote, every election, in sovereignty, is a vote and an election that guarantees our national dignity and, above all, that unites us to strengthen the fight against poverty. And we go forward, always further, in work, security, study, health, peace and prosperity", she said.

On this day, 3,722,884 Nicaraguans were summoned to participate in the municipal elections, according to the electoral roll issued by the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE), to elect more than 6,000 public positions, including mayors, deputy mayors and councilors.

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