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President Xi To Meet Putin In Moscow

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and Chinese President Xi Jinping (R).

    Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and Chinese President Xi Jinping (R). | Photo: Twitter/ @AJEnglish

Published 17 March 2023

Xi has met the Russian president 39 times since he swore in as Chinese leader in 2012. 

On Monday, China’s President Xi Jinping will travel to Russia by invitation of President Vladimir Putin, with whom he will discuss their countries’ strategic partnership.


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"During their meeting, Presidents Xi and Putin will sign important bilateral documents," the Kremlin stated, adding that the visit will last three days.

Over the years, they have forged a strong partnership. The Chinese President has met Putin in person 39 times since he swore in as his country’s leader in November 2012 and even described Putin as a best friend in 2019.

During a virtual meeting in Dec. 2022, the Russian President said the relations with China were the best in his country's history, stressing that they could "withstand all tests".

On Thursday, the U.S.-based outlet Politico alleged that the state-owned China’s North Industries Group Corporation Limited sent 1,000 assault rifles for military purposes to Russia in June 2022. 

Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry, rejected this accusation, stressing that China has always taken a prudent and responsible attitude toward military exports.

“Beijing will maintain its objective and just position on war and play a constructive role in promoting peace talks between Ukraine and Russia,” he stated, stressing that relations between Beijing and Moscow do not threaten any country.

"Xi’s visit to Russia will be peaceful. It will focus on deepening the friendship between the two countries. Presidents Xi and Putin will exchange views on common concerns and continue to push forward projects such as the New Silk Road and the Eurasian Economic Union," Wang highlighted. 

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