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Petrocaribe Agreement Between Venezuela and Belize Announced

  • President Maduro (r) and Prime Minister of Belize, John Antonio Briceño (l)

    President Maduro (r) and Prime Minister of Belize, John Antonio Briceño (l) | Photo: VTV

Published 25 November 2022

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, held a meeting with the Prime Minister of Belize, John Antonio Briceño, on the occasion of signing agreements between both countries to deepen cooperation alliances and generate integration mechanisms to strengthen joint work in strategic areas. 

The meeting was held under friendship, equality and shared benefit principles. They addressed an agenda of complementarity that prioritizes issues of binational interest in the spirit of the new multicentric and pluripolar world.

For his part, the Head of State said that a new agenda is expected to be launched to resume Petrocaribe, an initiative based on the principles of solidarity, respect and self-determination of the Latin American and Caribbean peoples.

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In this sense, he expressed that "it is time to multiply happiness, work, wealth, humility and love, for the union of the Latin American and Caribbean peoples."

On the other hand, the Prime Minister expressed his gratitude and support for the cooperation between both nations, emphasizing that although Belize is a small country, it will continue to support Venezuela in any way it can.

In addition, he added that although the U.S. sanctions Venezuela, the President, together with his team, resists and moves forward, which shows that Venezuela works for the protection of the people.

The diplomatic rapprochement between both countries has been maintained since April 25, 1989, and they also held in 2020 an exchange of knowledge in the textile and agricultural areas.

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