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Peruvian President Castillo Presents His New Cabinet

  • President Pedro Castillo (C) and his cabinet, Lima, Peru, Feb. 1, 2022.

    President Pedro Castillo (C) and his cabinet, Lima, Peru, Feb. 1, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @presidenciaperu

Published 2 February 2022

The leftist President is seeking alliances with different political organizations to reach enough votes in Congress to form a Constituent Assembly.

On Tuesday, Peru's President Pedro Castillo presented a new cabinet made up of Prime Minister Hector Valer and seven other ministers through which his administration seeks to establish new alliances to confront the opposition-controlled Congress. 


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Prime Minister Valer is one of two parliamentarians Castillo brought into his team as a sign of his need to deal with the obstacles he faces in Congress. The other one is lawmaker Cesar Landa, who was appointed as Foreign Affairs minister.

Valer´s principal mission is to promote the draft of a new Constitution, counting on the seven seats his party, Democratic Peru (PD), holds in the Congress.

The new Prime Minister alleged that the political crisis faced by President Castillo had finally ended, as he spoke about a new day of hope for Peru. Valer also talked about his intentions to meet with several political and social leaders.

Since Nov., Castillo has faced a political crisis where opposition members in Congress attempted to remove him from power, alleging his moral incapacity to manage the state.

On Monday, a centre-right Purple Party lawmaker proposed changing the Constitution to make it easier to remove Castillo from office.

Later, the Congress Third Vice-President Patricia Chirinos announced she would present a constitutional accusation against the leftist President to impeach him.

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