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Peru: Interior Minister Resigns

  • The Peru's Interior Minister, Avelino Guillén to resign from office. Jan. 28, 2022.

    The Peru's Interior Minister, Avelino Guillén to resign from office. Jan. 28, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@unchasqui

Published 28 January 2022

Peru erupted on Friday under an imminent crisis aimed at the resignation of Interior Minister Avelino Guillén.

On Friday, Peru's Interior Minister, Avelino Guillén, resigned from office because of the opposition offensive, which comprises the request of the president's departure from office, submerging the country into an imminent crisis.

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Although it has not been publicly announced, Guillen's resignation was disclosed by sources close to him. The sources stated that this is due to disagreements between the minister and the head of the National Police, General Javier Gallardo.

The differences are aimed at changes made by Gallardo against the opinion of Guillén, who repeatedly asked for the support of the head of state, President Pedro Castillo, in the controversy, without any success.

Press reports indicate that the changes of Gallardo, linked to Castillo, involved relevant officers from the High Complexity Crimes Division (Diviac) and other police units. Versions point out that Guillén requests permission for dismissing Gallardo without obtaining a response from the Mandatory.

What happened president Pedro Castillo??? do not accept the resignation of Dr. Avelino Guillén from the position of Minister of the Interior. You must give him all your support in his fight against corruption in the Police and crimes that affect citizen security.

After Congresswoman Rosselli Amuruz raised with her party, Country advances, made  Legislative requested of the resignation of Castillo the news of the resignation of Guillén, was known.

Due to Castillo's mistakes in an interview with a North American television network during which he recognized that he took office without being prepared to govern and was learning to do so in the process, the legislator presented a motion for the Congress of the Republic to urge him to resign.

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