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Peruvian Congress: Push for General Elections Due to the Crisis

  • Peru's Congress

    Peru's Congress | Photo: PL

Published 1 December 2022

The Constitution Committee of the Peruvian Congress approved on Thursday an opinion to bring forward to 2023 the general elections (Executive and Legislative) as a way out of the political crisis the country is going through.

"With ten votes in favor, the Constitution Committee approved an opinion that proposes the constitutional reform to establish the electoral process General Elections 2023," the parliament said through its Twitter account.

 Castillo Does Not Seek to Dissolve the Peruvian Parliament

The opinion, promoted by opposition parliamentarians, intends to change the Constitution so that Congress and the Government shorten their mandates, which should end in 2026.

As it is a reform to the Constitution, to be approved, the opinion must be voted in favor by 87 of the 130 members of the unicameral parliament in two consecutive legislatures.

If it does not obtain these votes, it may be approved by 66 votes in one legislature and submitted to a citizen referendum.

It is archived if the opinion does not achieve 66 votes in favor in the first vote.

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