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Peru's Officers Must Put Aside Political Differences: Castillo

  • President Pedro Castillo, Peru, 2021.

    President Pedro Castillo, Peru, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @pastorabharris

Published 3 December 2021

The president rejected the position assumed by the Attorney General’s Office, which accused him of corruption for participating in alleged meetings with entrepreneurs.

On Friday and Monday, Peru’s President Pedro Castillo will meet with lawmakers to coordinate policies to promote economic reactivation, political stability and help the citizens affected by the 7,2-magnitude earthquake, which shook the country on Nov. 28.

Peru: 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Affects at Least 90 People

"We need to put aside political differences to work together in favor of our people," Castillo said and condemned the position assumed by the Attorney General’s Office, which accused him of corruption for allegedly participating in private meetings with entrepreneurs.

“I did not commit any crime: these accusations are politically motivated,” he stressed, recalling that many entrepreneurs do not want his administration to review their companies' contracts in January 2022 because they keep illegal business.

Castillo stressed he has the moral capacity to sanction companies that abuse the trust that Peruvians gave them and assured that enterprises that do not present irregularities in the audits may continue to develop their business smoothly.

"Our administration will always promote sustainable investments, dialogue, and development. However, it will never accept illicit business or unilateral coercive policies against any officer," Castillo insisted.

He stressed that officials failing to comply with their moral obligations will be removed from their charges and shall answer before Justice since integrity, credibility, and institutionality must be respected above all.

"We do not assume our offices to repeat the old governmental practices or make illicit arrangements to satisfy particular interests. We are here to serve the people," Castillo insisted.

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