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Peru: Veronica Mendoza Rejects plots Against President Castillo

  • A woman poses next to a banner of President Pedro Castillo, Lima, Peru, Jul. 20, 2021.

    A woman poses next to a banner of President Pedro Castillo, Lima, Peru, Jul. 20, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 20 November 2021

The ex-presidential candidate denounced a political campaign targeted to Castillo's impeachment by "anti-democratic and coup groups."

The Together for Peru (JP) party's former presidential candidate Veronika Mendoza assured the existence of a smear campaign against Peru's President Pedro Castillo.


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Mendoza's statements come after congresswoman Patricia Chirinos presented a motion to evaluate Castillo's impeachment on Nov. 18.

She referred to "anti-democratic and coup groups" that provoked violence and destabilization in the Andean nation following a tight difference between the right-wing Popular Force's (FP) candidate Keiko Fujimori and Castillo, who ran for the Free Peru Party (PL).  

"From day one of the Castillo's government, they began to talk about the vacancy the same sectors that are once again stirring up this issue with great irresponsibility," Mendoza highlighted.

Noting that the Peruvian people do not support a new presidential vacancy, the leftist ex-presidential candidate assured that these sectors did have the votes to promote a debate even if they are pawing the way.

Castillo's vacancy was first promoted by far-right Popular Renovation party leader Rafael Lopez, and then by lawmaker Chirinos who presented the motion, which needs 26 signatures to be presented for discussion.

Last year, ex-President Martin Vizcarra (2018-2020) was impeached by Congress for acts of corruption.

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