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Peru: Protests Continue to Demand Closure of Congress

  • Mourners cry as civilians killed for protesting in Peru are buried

    Mourners cry as civilians killed for protesting in Peru are buried | Photo: Miguel Gutiérrez Chero/Wayka

Published 19 December 2022

One more death was confirmed today, bringing the total number of deaths as a result of the repression against the demonstrations to 26.

Mobilizations continue this Monday in several Peruvian regions to demand the closure of Congress, early elections, the release of former President Pedro Castillo and the resignation of President Dina Boluarte.

The repression against these demonstrations has left so far, according to the latest update from the Ministry of Health, a total of 25 deaths and 61 people hospitalized. However, on this day, another casualty was confirmed in the town of Chala, Arequipa region, for a total of 26.

 25 Peruvians Murdered in a Week of Intense Repression

teleSUR's correspondent in Peru, Jaime Herrera, indicated that the army intervened on the Panamericana Sur highway in the district of Chala, "killing a person who was demonstrating on that highway. According to the first reports, it was a person who had suffered a bullet wound".

In Cusco, peasant leaders demonstrated to join the demand for the closing of the Congress, the resignation of Boluarte and the advancement of the elections, declaring themselves in permanent mobilization.

In addition, in Puno, the Inter-Oceanic highway was blocked by citizens of the district of Asillo, who reiterated their demands.

On the other hand, the funeral of the demonstrators who died in the Ayacucho region after intense repression on December 15 took place.

The day before, the National Human Rights Coordinator (CNDDHH) issued a communiqué to reject "the militarization of protest and the growing authoritarianism."

"We deplore that so far, the Peruvian State has not given an explanation on the investigation of the deaths of demonstrators, caused by the forces of law and order, so we demand the lifting of the State of Emergency and the full restitution of individual guarantees," it said in the text.

Likewise, they urged the Peruvian Congress to agree to bring forward the general elections to 2023 "as demanded by more than 86 percent of our compatriots".

The crisis in Peru worsened after the Peruvian Congress dismissed Castillo and appointed then Vice President Dina Boluarte as the new president on December 7, after the then head of state announced the temporary dissolution of the legislative body.

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