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Peru: 18 Months in Prison Against Former President Castillo

  • People demonstrate in support of Pedro Castillo in Plaza San Martín today, in Lima (Peru)

    People demonstrate in support of Pedro Castillo in Plaza San Martín today, in Lima (Peru) | Photo: EFE / Welcome Velasco

Published 15 December 2022

Peru's Judicial Power (PJ) issued 18 months of preventive imprisonment against former president Pedro Castillo (2021-2022) for the alleged crime of rebellion, among others, after his failed attempt to close the Congress and establish a government of exception.

"Supreme Judge Juan Carlos Checkley imposes 18 months of preventive detention against former president Pedro Castillo, in an investigation for rebellion (alternatively, conspiracy for rebellion)," the PJ indicated through its Twitter account.

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On Thursday, a hearing was held to analyze the request of the prosecution to remand Castillo in custody for 18 months for the alleged crimes of rebellion, conspiracy, abuse of authority and attempt against public tranquility.

The PJ admitted the request in all its extremes, considering that there was an imminent danger of Castillo's flight from the country.

The former president requested asylum in Mexico.

Castillo will be held in prison, yet to be determined.

On Wednesday, December 7, then-President Castillo attempted to dissolve the Congress, arguing that "the Legislative has carried out more than 16 months of a continuous and stubborn campaign of relentless attack to the presidential institution" and the establishment of a "Government of exception," and to establish a "government of exception."

All State institutions rejected the measure announced by the then president, qualifying it as a breach of the constitutional order or a coup d'état.

After Castillo's failed attempt, Congress dismissed him for permanent moral incapacity to hold office in a session that had already been scheduled days before.

Subsequently, and by constitutional succession, the parliament appointed then Vice President Dina Boluarte as the new head of state.

According to local media reports and the words of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the ousted head of state, sought asylum in that country's embassy after his failed attempt to dissolve the Congress. 

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