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Peru: Poll Defines Top 3 Candidates for Presidential Elections

  • From the 2,000 face-to-face interviews conducted, it was found that 47 percent of voters have not yet decided on their candidate, less than a month before the election.

    From the 2,000 face-to-face interviews conducted, it was found that 47 percent of voters have not yet decided on their candidate, less than a month before the election. | Photo: Twitter/@voyconvero

Published 18 March 2021 (19 hours 31 minutes ago)

In addition to voting intentions, the survey measured citizens' considerations regarding the Constitution.

Candidates Yohny Lescano, George Forsyth, and Veronika Mendoza will be the ones who will compete for the second round of the elections in Peru, according to a survey conducted by the Latin American Strategic Center for Geopolitics (Celag).

According to the poll carried out between February 23 and March 13, for the April 11 elections, these three candidates would be the only ones to surpass the 10 percent barrier of voting intention: Lescano with 15 percent, Forsyth with 13 percent, and Mendoza with 11 percent.


Peru's Youth Have Mobilized in Indignation: Veronika Mendoza

From the 2,000 face-to-face interviews conducted, pollsters found that 47 percent of voters have not decided on their candidate less than a month before the election. Regarding expectations, 56 percent consider that the elections could be a positive change and 40 percent believe that the country will remain the same or worse, regardless of the result.

On the other hand, 43 percent of Peruvians stated that a new Constitution is necessary, while the same number of respondents were inclined to reform it. On the other hand, only one out of ten people responded that it is unnecessary to make changes to the Magna Carta.

Other issues that citizens demand are an increase in taxes to multinationals operating in the country (78 percent) and the issue of agrarian reform (68 percent).

"We already have it. @CELAGeopolitica poll on the political landscape in Peru a few weeks before the presidential election. There is a desire for a new Constitution. A high percentage has not yet decided their vote. Almost triple tie: Lescano, Forsyth, and Vero Mendoza. And much more!!!

Regarding work and its precariousness caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Peruvians identify as the main problems the lack of stable or fixed work (33 percent) or working too much to earn too little (26 percent).

As for Peruvians' goals for 2021, respondents pointed to the possibility of getting vaccinated against COVID-19, even above the chance of finding a job or improving the one they have, which shows that the health situation is among their main priorities.

Some 5.3 percent of respondents have no goals, and 30.5 percent would like to invest in a business of their own. Also, two-thirds of the respondents considered Francisco Sagasti's management of the health crisis to be negative, compared to one-third who considered it positive.

The survey population covers ages between 18 and 70 years old, living in 29 localities in 17 departments and Lima and Callao's provinces with a margin of error of 0.9 to 2.2 percent. Also, age, gender, and economic level quotas were controlled so that the sample matched the profile sought by the pollster.

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