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Peru: Health Minister Interested in Cuban COVID-19 Vaccine

  • Cuba's Abdala Vaccine to Begin Phase III of Clinical Trials

    Cuba's Abdala Vaccine to Begin Phase III of Clinical Trials | Photo: Twitter @flugennock

Published 8 March 2021

Peru's Health Minister, Oscar Ugarte, has expressed an interest in the investigations and development of Cuban vaccines against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Peruvian Minister of Health, Óscar Ugarte, has expressed interest in the Cuban vaccine Soberana 02 against Covid-19 and welcomed the announcement that it may be available internationally in the coming months.

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When asked by journalist Nicolás Lúcar, Ugarte referred to the subject brought up by media outlet Exitosa regarding Cuban vaccines, made last Saturday by the Finlay Institute director for research and production of vaccines, Vicente Vérez.

"We know the quality of the products that Cuba produces in terms of medicines and vaccines," said the minister, adding that "with all certainty, a negotiation will also be opened with the Cubans" on the acquisition of Soberana 02.

Minister Ugarte on vaccines against covid-19 from Cuba: "A negotiation with the Cubans will certainly be opened when the vaccines are offered. Peru is open to all negotiations". 


He added that Cuba "is not producing just one, but up to two or three different vaccines, and that is excellent."

"Peru is open to all negotiations to guarantee the main objective of having the necessary quantity of vaccines, with guarantee, quality, and opportunity," he concluded.

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