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Peru: Motion of Censure Is Filed Against Health Minister

  • Lawmaker Diego Bazán, succeeded in virtually presenting the motion of censure against Hernan Condori. March. 23, 2022.

    Lawmaker Diego Bazán, succeeded in virtually presenting the motion of censure against Hernan Condori. March. 23, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@peruenlanoticia

Published 23 March 2022

Diego Bazan, a legislator of the Avanza Pais Party, filed a censure motion against Health Minister Hernan Condori.

The motion was presented a few days after Hernan Condori attended a plenary session of Congress to answer a number of questions in the framework of an interpellation.

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Diego Bazán revealed that a total of 33 signatures have been gathered from various political parties with representation in Congress, including Avanza País, Renovación Popular, Acción Popular, Juntos por el Perú, Alianza para el Progreso, Somos Perú, Acción Popular. 
Additional signatures have been collected from ungrouped legislators Carlos Anderson, Enrique Wong, Susel Paredes, Flor Pablo and Edward Malaga, who have also signed the document. Three political groups, namely Perú Libre, Fuerza Popular and Perú Democrático, have resolved not to join the legislative initiative.  

The document denounces Condori's actions in relation to the improper exercise of his profession by promoting the sale of Cluster X2, which is an organized cluster of water molecules linked by shared hydrogen atoms. The Minister of Health ascribed medicinal properties that no official or academic authority has either verified or certified.   

Congressional benches formally presented a motion of censure against the Minister of Health, Hernán Condori. The document has 33 signatures, according to Diego Bazán, from Avanza País, Renovación Popular, Partido Morado, Alianza para el Progreso and Juntos por el Perú.

Moreover, Hernán Condori is being questioned for promoting a one-minute diagnostic service aimed at cervical cancer screening when he does not have a specialty in gynecology or oncology.  

The motion also expresses the unanimous rejection of the entire medical community of the country caused by the appointment of Hernán Condori, pointing out the criticisms of the Peruvian College of Physicians to the official.

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