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Peru: Congress To Decide Whether To Impeach President Castillo

  • President Pedro Castillo, Peru, 2021.

    President Pedro Castillo, Peru, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @SocialistAct

Published 7 December 2021

The dismissal request against Castillo is politically motivated since there is no evidence of the alleged corruption accusations against him.

On Thursday, Peruvian lawmakers will define whether to approve a presidential dismissal request issued by far-right politician Patricia Chirinos, who accused President Pedro Castillo of "moral incapacity" for allegedly participating in private meetings with entrepreneurs.


Free Peru Party Won't Support Impeachment Against Castillo

For debating the petition, at least 57 senators will have to vote in favor of the impeachment, something that will hardly happen because many legislators have rejected its undemocratic character.

"We cannot support this proposal because there is no consistent evidence of the alleged accusations against Castillo," the Alliance for Progress (APP) party militant Eduardo Salhuana said, recalling that the initiative was politically motivated since Chirinos has publicly rejected the President’s tenure in office.

Lawmaker Silvana Robles also stated that the decision undermines governance and seeks to weaken the Castillo administration because it is not aimed at solving problems, but at generating them.

"The removal demand makes no sense because the President has promoted projects for the benefit of the Peruvian people, such as ensuring universal and free health care coverage for all cancer patients,” Robles stressed, recalling that previous impeachment processes have brought instability and violations to the Constitution. 

Since Castillo headed office on July 28, he has been harassed by the opposition, which denounced that the union leader committed "fraud" in the elections even though experts from the Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union (EU) endorsed the process. On Monday, Castillo called for dialogue with opposition leaders, most of whom yet refused to speak with him.

"These politicians cannot accept that a progressive president leads the nation and promotes structural changes in favor of the majorities," Castillo condemned, adding that the dismissal request against him was an attempt of coup d'état.

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