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Peru: President Castillo Swears in New Minister of Defense

  • Juan Carrasco Millones has become the new Minister of Defense of Peru.

    Juan Carrasco Millones has become the new Minister of Defense of Peru. | Photo: Twitter/@MindefPeru

Published 18 November 2021

President Castillo also swore in accountant Jorge Luis Prado as the new Minister of Production.

Peruvian President, Pedro Castillo, swore in on Wednesday the new Minister of Defense to replace Walter Ayala. The latter resigned last November 14 amid a controversy generated by alleged irregularities in promotions in the Armed Forces.

Lawyer Juan Carrasco Millones was sworn in by President Pedro Castillo at the Government Palace in Lima. In the same ceremony, accountant Jorge Luis Prado was appointed as the new Minister of Production.


Peru: Defense Minister Resigns Amid Wrongdoing Allegations

Juan Carrasco returns to the cabinet after a few weeks of having left the position of Minister of the Interior due to the resignation of the full ministerial cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Guido Bellido, leader of the governing party, Peru Libre.

After serving as a prominent anticorruption prosecutor, he held that portfolio for a little more than two months, until October 6. In the following days, he was appointed advisor to the Minister of Justice, Aníbal Torres.

His predecessor in the Ministry of Defense resigned last Sunday during the controversy unleashed in the country due to allegations of pressure in the promotions of high military commanders and the dismissal of the Army and the Air Force heads.

"I welcome the current appointment of Jorge Luis Prado as head of the @MINPRODUCCION as well as the appointment of @JuanCarrascoMi as Minister of @MindefPeru. Both respectable trajectories will help us build a prosperous dialogue in favor of Peru and its people."

Walter Ayala resigned after appearing before the Defense Committee of Congress to give explanations for the military promotions. Afterward, the legislature approved a motion to interrogate him, which finally did not occur due to his departure from office.

With the appointment of the two new ministers, the total number of ministers removed by President Pedro Castillo in his first 113 days now reaches 11.

As part of the campaign launched in Peru by the right-wing sectors to destabilize the Peruvian government, legislators of the extreme right-wing parties have proposed to question the ministers continuously and they only disagree about whether to target them as an entire entity or one-by-one.

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