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Peru: Castillo's Cabinet to Undergo Changes

  • Labor Minister Iber Maravi, Lima, Peru, Aug. 2021.

    Labor Minister Iber Maravi, Lima, Peru, Aug. 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @gvillasis

Published 31 August 2021

On Monday, Labor Minister Iber Maravi would have submitted his resignation due to criticism emanating from a right-wing-dominated Congress.

On Monday, the president of the Council of Ministers Guido Bellido announced that President Pedro Castillo's administration will evaluate the permanence of some ministers in the cabinet.


Peru: Congress Suspends Debate on Confidence Vote to Ministers

"With the powers that Parliament gave us through its vote of confidence, we will proceed to fulfill our commitments by evaluating the performance of the most questioned ministries."

Previously, the right-wing parliamentary opposition criticized the presence of the Labor Minister Iber Maravi, arguing that he had taken part in a terrorist attack carried out by the Shining Path in 1980.

On Monday morning, Bellido called Maravi to a meeting in his office. While this was happening, the parliamentary opposition pressed through social networks to get the departure of the Labor Minister.

Asked if the Maravi's resignation was related to his alleged connection with the Shining Path, Bellido replied, “No. It has to do with how the political scene is shaping up. It is part of an assessment of the situation."

Subsequently, the president of the Council of Ministers announced that a process of evaluation of the composition of the cabinet would begin.

The Castillo administration might also evaluate the permanence of ministers such as Ivan Godofredo (Energy and Mines), Juan Silva (Transport), Ciro Galvez (Culture), Walter Ayala (Defense), and Geiner Alvarado (Housing), according to local outlet La Republica.

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