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Fujimori’s Henchman Is Transferred to a High-Security Prison

  • Vladimiro Montesinos (L), Peru, Aug. 2021.

    Vladimiro Montesinos (L), Peru, Aug. 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @infologia_pe

Published 25 August 2021

By making unauthorized calls from the previous jail, Vlademiro Montesinos attempted to alter the results of the Peruvian presidential elections.

On Wednesday, Peru's President Pedro Castillo announced that Vladimiro Montesinos, the former intelligence adviser to the Alberto Fujimori dictatorship (1990-2000), was transferred to Lima's Penal Ancon, where he will remain until he serves a 25-year sentence.


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"Nobody deprived of liberty shall be given a privileged treatment or be allowed to evade the security of prisons to continue to commit crimes," Castillo stated, recalling that Montesinos telephoned ex-military Pedro Rejas 17 times from the Callao naval base prison.

In an attempt to alter the results of the second presidential round, Montesinos asked Rejas to bribe three electoral judges so that they accept the trials brought by candidate Keiko Fujimori, who asked that the votes obtained by Castillo in rural areas be annulled.

At the Interior Ministry-controlled Ancon Prison, Montesinos will be subject to strict surveillance measures, will occupy a single-person cell, and will only be able to communicate through letters, all of which will be previously reviewed by the authorities before being sent out.

As part of the Fujimori dictatorship's anti-subversive struggle, Montesinos was involved in crimes such as the murder of 15 people in Barrios Altos in 1991, the murder of nine students and one professor at La Cantuta University in 1992, and the torture of intelligent agents Mariela Barreto and Leonor La Rosa between 1996 and 1997.

As part of his criminal actions, Montesinos spied and extorted military chiefs, politicians, judges, prosecutors, officials, entrepreneurs, and journalists. In addition, he laundered money from drug trafficking activities, tax fraud, and influence peddling.

In 2001, Montesinos was sentenced to prison for crimes against humanity. His boss, Alberto Fujimori, is also serving 25 years in jail since he co-authored the murder of 25 Peruvians, including a minor, and kidnapped a businessman and a journalist.

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