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Peru: 8 Generals Removed For Deaths In Rallies Against Boluarte

  • Police officers repress anti-government protesters, Peru.

    Police officers repress anti-government protesters, Peru. | Photo: Twitter/ @PrensaMercosur

Published 20 March 2023

Under the command of general Flores, for instance, Police agents killed seven people with long-range weapons nearby the Congress and government headquarters.

On Monday, the Peruvian National Police dismissed eight generals who ordered to repress protests against President Dina Boluarte.


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Among the officers dismissed is David Villanueva, the head of the Police delegation in the Puno department, where at least 21 people died from shots made by police officers.

Luis Flores, the head of the Police delegation in the Apurimac department, is also among the dismissed officers. Under his command, agents used long-range weapons to suppress demonstrations nearby the Congress and the government headquarters, where at least seven protesters died.

On Sunday, thousands of Peruvians took to the streets of Lima to demand Boluarte’s resignation, the closure of the Congress, a call to new elections, and a constitutional reform approval. Although the mobilization was peaceful, the National Police repressed the demonstrators.

According to a poll conducted by the CPI Research company, the Boluarte administration has a disapproval rate of 76 percent, and 51 percent of Peruvians consider that Congress staged a coup against former President Pedro Castillo.

Since Dec. 7, 2022, when Boluarte replaced Castillo after Congress dismissed him, over 60 citizens have died, and about 1,300 people have been injured in anti-government protests.

After analyzing some necropsies and medical reports on the bodies of diseased protesters, Peru’s Ojo Publico outlet denounced that many dead citizens were hit by lead pellets, whose use is forbidden in Peru.

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