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Palestinian Resistance in West Bank Reacts to Al-Arouri Murder

  • Building destroyed by the Israeli drone attack in Dahye, Lebanon, Dec. 2, 2024.

    Building destroyed by the Israeli drone attack in Dahye, Lebanon, Dec. 2, 2024. | Photo: X/ @shimmeringolds

Published 2 January 2024

The assassination of Palestinians abroad shows that Israel is failing miserably in its military objectives in Gaza, Hamas said.

On Tuesday, a few minutes after the Israeli drone strike on Beirut's suburbs of Dahiyeh, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Fatah in the West Bank, declared general mobilization in response to the assassination of Saleh Al-Arouri.


Hamas Leader Assassinated by an Israeli Drone Strike in Beirut

“We mourn with pride and honor the martyr, the national leader, Saleh Al-Arouri, deputy head of the Political Bureau of the Hamas Movement,” the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades stated.

"We affirm that the assassination of leaders will not deter us from fulfilling our national duty to defend our people, and will only increase our determination to resist... The Zionist enemy will pay the price with blood and fire for all crimes against our people," they added.

Hamas said that the cowardly assassination of Palestinian leaders abroad shows that the Israeli state is failing miserably in its military objectives in the Gaza Strip.

"They will not succeed in breaking the will and resistance of our people," the Palestinian Islamist movement added.

Previously, citing Lebanese sources, Sky News Arabia reported that Hamas leaders Abu Aamer and Khalil Al-Hayya were also part of those killed in the Israeli drone attack in Beirut. 

Although Hamas later denied this announcement, the complete list of those killed has not yet been released. Meanwhile, the Israeli government has ordered its ministers not to make statements to the press related to the events in Beirut.

"The country's cabinet secretary has ordered that ministers not give any interviews on al-Arouri's assassination in Beirut, after Member of Parliament Danny Danon congratulated Israel's security services," Al Jazeera reported.

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