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Palestine Groups Donate $16,400 In Medical Supplies To Cuba

  • Authorities show the syringes donated by Palestine groups, Cuba.

    Authorities show the syringes donated by Palestine groups, Cuba. | Photo: Twitter/ @JKodi5

Published 19 May 2022

“This donation is a modest symbolic gesture toward Cuba, whose massive immunization campaign against COVID-19 we wish to support,” Palestinian Watan Al Abadi stated. 

On Thursday, the Palestinian Graduates League in Jordan, the Jordanian-Cuban Friendship Association, and Cuban community members in that country handed over 270,000 syringes and 540,000 needles to Cuba.


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"This donation is a modest symbolic gesture, with which we wish to support Cuba's massive immunization campaign against COVID-19," said Watan Al Abadi, a member of the Association of Palestinian Graduates in Cuba.

Cuban-Arab Friendship Association Vice-President Alfredo Deriche thanked the gesture and ratified Cuba's position in defense of the cause of the Palestinian people and the need for a comprehensive solution to the conflict.

The Cuban Health Ministry (MINSAP) Collaboration Department Director Yamira Palacios stressed that the resources are worth about US$16,400 and that they will be immediately destined to different Cuban health centers.

Thanks to the national immunization campaign, 10.6 million Cubans have received at least one dose of the domestically produced Abdala, Sovereign 02, or Sovereign Plus vaccines, and 89,9 percent of the population have been fully immunized against the disease.

On Thursday, the MINSAP announced that it would start applying booster doses to over-50-year-old citizens and vulnerable groups, such as health, tourism, and education workers.

"Our purpose is to continue strengthening, regulating, and certifying new interventions and studies so that there are no populations without protection from the virus," MINSAP Science and Technological Innovation Director Ileana Morales stated.

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