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Opponents Trivialize Assassination Attempt in Venezuela: Ñañez

  • Venezuelan Communication Minister Freddy Ñañez.

    Venezuelan Communication Minister Freddy Ñañez. | Photo: X/ @mairimharry1

Published 29 March 2024

The Bolivarian communication minister pointed out that journalist Barraez tried to discredit Attorney General Saab's statements.

On Thursday, Communication Minister Freddy Ñañez denounced the existence of a media campaign to trivialize the most recent assassination attempt that occurred in Venezuela.


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On March 25, authorities apprehended two citizens in Caracas, where Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was registering his candidacy for the July presidential elections.

In the investigations following Monday's events, Attorney General Tarek William Saab determined that the detainees were linked to "Vente Venezuela," a far-right organization that has been associated with other actions against the country's political stability.

Through a message on social media, the Communication Minister highlighted that journalist Sebastiana Barraez made publications attempting to discredit Saab's statements.

Currently, Barraez remains a fugitive from justice and has an arrest warrant and an Interpol red notice due to her involvement in a previous terrorist operation called "White Bracelet."

"In a desperate maneuver of media distraction, Sebastiana Barraez seeks to whitewash the image of the organization Vente Venezuela, which is responsible for a new assassination attempt," the Communication Minister said.

"This clearly demonstrates that both conspiracies are linked and are part of a multi-faceted plan. People spreading absurd narratives about the detainees do not act innocently. They are playing a role in covering up a serious crime against the constitutional order," he added.

Ñañez also explained that Barraez is attempting to promote a narrative based on falsehoods aimed at manipulating public opinion, trivializing a crime, and obstructing investigations.

The Communication Minister emphasized that the evidence presented by Attorney General Saab clearly demonstrates Barraez's criminal attitude.

"If we review the irrefutable evidence presented by Saab, we will understand why it took two days to construct a laughable yet dangerous fake news," Ñañez said, adding that the captured conspirators are providing information incriminating the masterminds behind the assassination attempt.

"Courage does not characterize Barraez. What is striking is her fervent and crude campaign to whitewash Vente Venezuela in a proven assassination operation in which the hitmen are convicted and confessed," Ñañez commented.

The Venezuelan minister also explained that terrorist actions operate not only in the physical realm but also in the virtual sphere, as far-right media "distract, distort, and lie in favor of the operation."

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