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Mossad & CIA Chiefs Meet To Discuss Ceasefire Agreement in Gaza

  • Israel and US intelligence chiefs met

    Israel and US intelligence chiefs met "as part of the relentless effort to promote another deal," said the Zionist authorities. | Photo: @Fahadali682521

Published 9 March 2024

Both chiefs held a meeting of which they have not yet offered much information.

This Saturday the office of the Prime Minister of Israel reported that the head of the Zionist counterintelligence, Institute of Intelligence and Special Operations (Mossad) David Barnea and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Bill Burns met yesterday to try to push for a truce agreement in Gaza.


Israel Blocks Convoy With Food and Aid for Gaza

Hamas demands a commitment to an end to hostilities and the total withdrawal of the Zionist occupation troops from the Palestinian territory, which Israel opposes and only accepts a temporary truce and demands a list of the living hostages, that the Palestinian resistance group has not yet facilitated.

Spokesman for the al-Qassam brigades, Hamas' armed wing, Abu Obeida, called last night for a general mobilization of Palestinians everywhere during Ramadan "to confront the arrogance of the occupation on all battlefields".

The mediating countries, Qatar, Egypt and the US, have been working for weeks to reach an agreement before Ramadan, which begins this Monday, but the negotiations ran aground before by incompatible demands between the Zionist occupation and Palestinian armed resistance.

Delegations of the mediating countries will meet again tomorrow in Cairo to try to speed up a temporary agreement. According to media, the aim is to achieve a ceasefire of a few days, while closing the details for a pact that allows the exchange of Israeli captives for Palestinian political and war prisoners.

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