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Israel Blocks Convoy With Food and Aid for Gaza

  • Children in Palestine are suffering for Hunger and violence, Mar. 6, 2024

    Children in Palestine are suffering for Hunger and violence, Mar. 6, 2024 | Photo: X/ @UN

Published 6 March 2024

Food crisis will lead to explosion of deaths, especially of Palestinian children and women

On Wednesday, the Israeli army prevented a convoy of 14 food trucks from entering the Gaza area. The shipment was made by the World Food Programme (WFP).


Gaza Strip: Israel Launched a New Wave of Airstrikes

The cargo contained more than 200 tons of food that did not reach its destination because the convoy had to turn around the occupation bloc.

WFP Deputy Executive Director Carl Skau stated that every effort was being made to get humanitarian aid to Palestine, yet Israeli forces thwarted all attempts at support.

According to WFP, after the convoy changed route, all humanitarian aid was looted by a group of around 200 people who desperately ambushed the trucks.

Carl Skau, said that right now no transport route is safe, since by land the convoy can suffer from an attack by Israeli forces and by air there is the possibility that another massacre such as Al-Rashid will occur.

WFP reported that 20 Palestinians have died from famine in the Gaza Strip, including pregnant women and children. Not to mention the more than 30,000 Gazans killed by the occupying forces.

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