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Mexico's President AMLO Slams US Sanctions Against Cuba

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    A "People's Forum" sign from New York, U.S., Nov. 15, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @PeoplesForumNYC

Published 16 November 2021

The international campaign "Let Cuba Live" also raised its voice in protest against the U.S.-led economic harassment against the Cuban revolution.

On Monday, Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) decried the U.S.-led economic blockade against Cuba.


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"I think that Cuba should not be isolated, politically speaking. You shouldn't strangle Cubans for deciding to stay in Cuba," Lopez Obrador said, referring to the sanctions the United States has imposed on the island for over half a century.

"I am against the blockade, I think it is inhumane. No one has the right to isolate and to strangle a people," the president stressed and criticized the U.S. measures as "backward", for countries have the right to choose their system of government in keeping with their idiosyncrasy and history.

As part of the international campaign "Let Cuba Live", hundreds of social and political organizations around the world also raised their voices in protest against the U.S.-led economic harassment against the Cuban revolution.

“From New York City, loud and clear: NO to U.S. intervention! Hands Off Cuba! Stand with the Cuban People,” the People’s Forum, a “movement incubator for the working class”, stressed.

“Cuba has made great leaps in education not only in its own country’s development but in terms of the solidarity shown with Africa, providing thousands with opportunities to study in Cuba, despite the immense strain of U.S. sanctions,” recalled Mikaela Nhondo Erskog, an educator who works at the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research.

“We stand with the great majority of Cubans who wish to see an end to the cruel blockade. We call on the U.S. President to allow COVID aid in and out of Cuba for the betterment of the entire world!,” the Miami Chapter of DemSocialists said.

U.S. sanctions against Cuba stepped up during the administration of former president Donald Trump, who canceled U.S. flights to all Cuban destinations except Havana, banned cruise ships from docking on the island, and put a cap on remittances Cuban-Americans could send back.

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