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Maduro's Statements in an Interview for Al Mayadeen

  • President Nicolas Maduro

    President Nicolas Maduro | Photo: Prensa Presidencial

Published 27 December 2021

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela's President, mentioned in an interview for Al Mayadeen the fierce resistance of the Venezuelan people to the fierce attacks coming from US administration and talks about the relations with some countries such as Iran and Syria.

President Nicolas Maduro noted the resistance by the Venezuelan people to the sanctions imposed by the United States' administration in an Interview for Al Mayadeen.


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President Nicolas Maduro declared in an interview for Al Mayadeen that 2021 was, since "the beginning of the criminal imperialist U.S. sanctions," the first year in showing registered economic growth. He stated that this results from Venezuela's economy, which produces food, goods, products, and services.

The industries in the country have shown significant growth and the trades and domestic market as a result of Venezuela's effort. Maduro stressed the fierce resistance of the people of Venezuela for facing the sanctions imposed by the U.S. administration, "but we held on and resisted," he noted.

Venezuela's president highlighted that Venezuelan people make themselves up with more than resistance, having as main goal look for a way to achieve progress by a collective effort through the stimulation of all economic sectors.

After two years in the Pandemic, I finally received the beautiful award "International Personality of the Year 2019", awarded by the television channel Al Mayadeen. Let us continue to be faithful defenders of the just causes for constructing a better world. Thanks a lot!

In regards to Palestine, Maduro expressed, "We cannot accept such demands. It is a sin to simply think about abandoning Palestine or leaving it by itself," making clear that no one in the world could ask Caracas to abandon Palestine.

"Palestine is humanity's holy land, and we have the Palestinian land in such high regard. We hear the name 'Palestine' loud and high," Maduro stressed, talking as well about the Israeli occupation's crimes against Palestinians, said "Israel" would pay.

"We wish Palestine well, and we have cooperation agreements with it - agreements that are going very well. We would like to give more to Palestine," said Maduro, making a call on the people of the world, its leaders, all Arabs, and all Islamic leaders not to leave Palestine alone.

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