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Guaido Behind Failed Operation Against Venezuela: Maduro

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gave new details about the failed plot against the country.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gave new details about the failed plot against the country. | Photo: VTV

Published 9 May 2020

"Guaido is reaching the point of wanting to kill the President, military leaders, eliminate the political adversary and all the public authorities," Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro denounced.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro revealed more details Saturday about the failed armed maritime incursions, aimed to carry out a coup and destabilize the South American nation.

Venezuela: Full Silvercorp Contract Unveiled, Guaido Involved

The President asserted that lawmaker Juan Guaido ordered the operation intending to assassinate him. "Silvercorp wanted to cause violence with Guaido’s endorsement. He wanted to kill me," Maduro denounced.

The Venezuelan president said that the signatures of Guaido and other opposition figures were confirmed to be in documents revealed by U.S. mercenary Jordan Goudreau.

"The mercenary contract is signed by Juan Guaido, Jordan Goudreau, JJ Rendon and Sergio Guevara," he highlighted.

The head of state also denounced to the international community the complicity of the Colombian government of Ivan Duque in the operation, which was neutralized by the joint work of a civic, military and police coalition on the Venezuelan coast.

"If there were some agencies in Colombia that would investigate independently, they would have all the evidence of Ivan Duque’s participation in the armed incursion against Venezuela (...) We have captured three more mercenaries," the head of state indicated.

For his part, Venezuelan Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez provided more details and said that "one of the annexes to the contract consists of the cost [of the operation] with a price tag of US$212 million. The group of mercenaries would work for 450 days, replacing the laws and the Venezuelan Constitution, they would be assumed as heads of the Armed Forces and would have the right to rob Venezuelans."

Rodriguez also revealed that the mercenaries of the Silvercorp USA wanted to steal Venezuela’s natural resources. "From the moment Juan Guaido would have taken power, the mercenaries would have been awarded all public administration contracts-"

Meanwhile, Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza said on Saturday that the executive is considering adding to the complaint against the U.S. before the International Criminal Court (ICC), a political and criminal accusation against Duque's government, for allowing mercenaries to use Colombia for training and planning.

The minister denounced that Colombia violates the Charter of the United Nations, "here Colombia is in breach of the Charter, it is outside of International Law," he denounced.

"Every day new details of the aggression against Venezuela emerge and we are compiling everything to present it this Monday before the members of the United Nations Security Council," he added.

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