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Venezuela: Full Silvercorp Contract Unveiled, Guaido Involved

  • Photo showing identification for two Americans arrested in Venezuela for a frustrated maritime attack.

    Photo showing identification for two Americans arrested in Venezuela for a frustrated maritime attack. | Photo: Miraflores Palace

Published 8 May 2020

The Washington Post provided the full contract which details the mercenary operation carried out against Venezuela by far-right opposition members. 

According to the Washington Post, the document was provided by Venezuelan opposition officials on the condition that one of the attachments be redacted. Nonetheless, the text showcases the extent of the intervention financed by Juan Guaido and his supporters.

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Some of the highlights in the contract teleSUR found:

-Cancellation to the contractor of a non-refundable advance for $ 1,500,000.00, which had to be paid during the first five days from the signing of the contract.

-The initial 45-day phase of the operation with a value of at least $ 50,000,000.00, which includes operational costs, both for the Group of Allies and Silvercorp personnel, vehicles, transportation, and fuel.

-The total estimated cost of the project: $ 212,900,000.00 for 495 days because the occupation force would remain in the country.

-Monthly payment to the contractor after the completion of the project of a minimum of $ 10,860,000.00, an average of $ 14,820,000.00, and a maximum of $ 16,456,000.00.

-Assistance from Silvercorp advisers to the group of allies in the planning and execution of a capture/arrest/elimination operation of President Nicolás Maduro, the overthrow of the current regime and installation of the recognized Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó.

-Continuation of services for the agreed time, despite President Nicolás Maduro resigning from office, being removed by another group or government, or handing over power to another individual, before the operation was carried out by Silvercorp.

-Silvercorp would continue advising against terrorism, drug trafficking, and recovery of Venezuelan assets after the completion of the terrorist operation.

-Compensation, billing, and payments.

-Securing of a bridge loan from private investors to finance the project by Silvercorp.

-Guarantee that investors have a preferential status as suppliers with the new government of Venezuela.

-Silvercorp did not require the full loan to begin providing its services.Guaidó was due to start paying the loan with interest to the contractor one month after the completion of the project at a rate of 55% per year.

-Upon completion of the government change, the administration would have one year to pay the remaining balance of the bridge loan.

-In case of the payment of the entire loan in advance, the interest will not be prorated and will be applied to the total amount of the loan.

-Interest would be added to the total amount. For example, if the loan amount given to the contractor by investors is $ 40 million and the loan is repaid by management in one year, and the interest rate is 55%, the interest will be $ 26 million. Management should pay Silvercorp $ 66 million.

-Payment by Guaidó of a bond of $ 10,000,000.00 to Silvercorp, disbursement would depend on the success of the operation.

-Payment of an initial advance of $ 1,500,000.00 within five days after signing the agreement.

-An investor should initially deliver $ 26,395,810, and monthly payments of $ 10,860,000 to continue Silvercorp services.

-Occupation Force would become a National Assets Unit that will act under the direction of the administration to counter threats to government stability, terrorism and will work with GIC, FAES, and DGCIM.

-Silvercorp will serve this new unit in mission advisory, recruitment, selection and evaluation, physical training, medicine, communications, demolitions, undercover work methods, surveillance, and target recognition.

-Disabling and interruption of infrastructures, lines of communication, and business objects.

-Declared as hostile specific military forces (former regime, security forces, conventional and unconventional naval, air, and land forces) by the Occupation Force, for which it is established that these groups and/or individuals must be neutralized. This category includes hostile weapons, ammunition, and equipment.

-Declared as illegitimate Venezuelan forces supportive of President Nicolás Maduro, his lieutenants, key allies, any armed support, as well as Diosdado Cabello, his lieutenants, and key allies.

-Authorization to deal with non-military elements of command and control of the previous regime.

-Authorization to approve hits to the following targets in areas of high collateral damage: military leaders of the previous regime, non-military elements of command and control of the previous regime, terrorists and Groups / Cells/buildings associated with terrorism, any crewless aerial vehicle.

-Authorization for all types of conventional weapons.

-Authorization to use lethal force to eliminate individuals who pose a threat to Silvercorp by committing or attempting a hostile act.

-Authorization for the occupying force to stop, detain, and search for civilians when there is reasonable suspicion that it interferes with the mission.

-Authorization to use necessary force, up to lethal force to protect properties designated as vital to the mission.

-Guaidó's authorization to Silvercorp of all privileges, exemptions, and immunities equivalent to those enjoyed by a Venezuelan security force.

-Authorization for Silvercorp personnel to enter and leave Venezuela without identification and in groups or individually.

-It further provides that authorities of either party may request the authorities of the other party to waive their primary right of jurisdiction in a specific case.

-Insurance for all North American participants, a guarantee of the payment of the medical expenses of the members of the occupation group during the duration of the project, as well as the subsequent recovery of any injury that might occur.

-Guarantee of payment of $ 450,000.00 to the closest relative of any member of the occupation group discharged in action.

-Silvercorp USA, Inc would not be responsible for any act of violence or destruction committed by groups of third parties or individuals during the execution of the contract.

-In the face of a civil, federal, or state lawsuit in Venezuela or the United States against Silvercorp USA, Inc, the Venezuelan administration must finance the full cost of the legal defense. It must assume financial responsibility if Silvercorp is found not guilty.

-Silvercorp would be authorized to designate the Military High Command, to violate the Constitution and thereby dissolve the Republic.

-The chain of command for this operation: Commander-in-Chief: President Juan Guaidó; General supervisor of the project: Sergio Vergara; Chief Strategist: Juan José Rendón; Commander on site: To be determined.

The full redacted document can be found here.

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