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Published 8 May 2020

Solidarity with the Venezuelan people and democratically-elected government against the U.S. imperialist coup attempt

We join progressive organizations around the world in vehemently denouncing the violent attacks that had been planned against the people of Venezuela and their legitimate government.

Solidarity Group in St. Vincent & the Grenadines Expresses Support to the People and Gov’t of Venezuela

In the early hours of Sunday 3 May, Venezuelan security officials, in coordination with the peoples’ power organisations, intercepted a boat carrying armed mercenaries en-route from Colombia. The group was travelling to Venezuela to carry out terrorist activities against institutions of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s government and state officials, specifically targeting President Nicolas Maduro. Although the Venezuelan defence forces were, fortunately, able to neutralise the group, they remain on high alert for other attempted attacks on Venezuela’s sovereignty. The terrorist group received support from Silvercorp (a private security company), the right-wing Colombian government and the United States.

Venezuela is a country that has, since the election of Hugo Chavez in 1999, consistently worked towards advancing the interests of the Venezuelan people instead of the interests of the local oligarchy and US-led imperialism. Venezuela, much like its neighbours Cuba and Nicaragua, has remained a thorn in the side of the United States and its aspirations to maintain capitalist hegemony in Latin America.

Venezuela has the largest reserves of crude oil in the world. The Bolivarian Revolution, which nationalised these reserves for the benefit of the Venezuelan people, serves as an example to the entire world that the beneficiaries of wealth can - and should - be those who produce it. Venezuela’s open pursuit of a socialist, peoples-centred path in the last two decades have posed a threat to US capitalist domination. Attempts to undermine and attack Venezuelan sovereignty have been relentless, with worst manifestations being the August 2018 bomb detonations during a speech given by Maduro and the April 2019 attempted coup d'etat (orchestrated by the US and launched by their puppet Juan Guaido).

The ongoing hybrid war that imperialist forces like the United States and its greedy allies have waged against Venezuela for the past 21 years have included economic blockades, deliberate acts of sabotage and murderous sanctions which prevent the Venezuelan people from accessing basic necessities like food and medicine.

As the world battles the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, it is particularly disturbing to witness not only a continuation of US economic warfare but an escalation of violence against Venezuela.

We as the SRWP, together with the working class of the African continent and the world, are all too familiar with the expansionist violence of US imperialism in undermining the interests of our people, and our vision for a socialist world. From the assassination of Patrice Lumumba (1961) to the assassination of Chris Hani (1993), and contemporary routine killings of grassroots activists of Abahlali BaseMjondolo in Kwa-Zulu Natal, those who challenge the predatory accumulation of capital face the threat of death. Those who struggle for the basic principles of democracy, sovereignty and people's power are violently eliminated by the political representatives of capitalism.

It remains our task to defend the gains made by the working class of Venezuela against the imperialist onslaught. The victories of the Bolivarian Revolution are the victories of the international working class. We defend the revolutionary process initiated by Commander Hugo Chavez and expanded by President Nicolas Maduro, the democratically elected leader of Venezuela.

We defend the strides that the Bolivarian Revolution has taken towards the emancipation of the working class and call for an immediate end to the imperialist aggression against the people of Venezuela!

Issued by Motebang Oupa Ralake General Secretary Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party

For more information contact, Vuyolwethu Toli

National Spokesperson

Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party



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