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Libya Delays Presidential Vote

  • Libya's presidential election delayed 48 hours before it began

    Libya's presidential election delayed 48 hours before it began | Photo: Twitter/@

Published 23 December 2021

Libya's authorities have delayed the presidential election 48 hours before it began, which was originally set for December 24. A new election date has been set for January, leaving the country under tension because of the disagreement on the electoral law between the rival groups. 

Libya has postponed the presidential elections 48 hours before its beginning, meant for December 24; it is expected the new date be settled for January next year. The country remains under tension given the disagreements between the competing groups regarding the electoral law.


Proposal for Libyan State Elections To Be Postponed

The High National Electoral Commission (HNEC) announced on December 22 that the presidential election would be delayed by one month until January 24. Even after the announcement, the new date has yet to be confirmed.
The HNEC made clear through a statement that it has no responsibilities for the delay of the previous month and declared that the delays had been given for the  “circumstances out of the control of those who are in charge of the process.”

It further called on the parliament to assume its responsibility, asking it to take “the necessary measures to remove constraints from the electoral process,” including the directed to “inadequate electoral legislation.”

"The question of postponement has become a hot potato that each side is trying to throw to the other, whether that's parliament or the HNEC," Faysal Bouraika, a  political commentator, declared.

Libya's electoral law is supposed to rule the historic presidential vote, but instead has become the reason for delaying the presidential elections.

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