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Joy Marks Evo's Return To Bolivia

  • Bolivia's Former President Evo Morales greets thousands of people gathered on the occasion of his return to the country, Nov. 9, 2020

    Bolivia's Former President Evo Morales greets thousands of people gathered on the occasion of his return to the country, Nov. 9, 2020 | Photo: PrensaEvo

Published 12 November 2020

TeleSUR has accompanied and captured the emotion of the Bolivian people during the return of the leader Evo Morales to his homeland.

In a commemorative caravan, Evo Morales began his trip back to Bolivia through the border crossing point La Quiaca in the Argentinean province of Jujuy where Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez warmly bade him farewell.


Thousands of People Continue To Cheer Evo's Return To Bolivia

"A month ago I arrived in Mexico, a brother country that saved our lives, I was sad and devastated. Now I arrived in Argentina, to continue fighting for the humblest and to unite the great homelands. I am strong and encouraged. I thank Mexico and Argentina for all their support and solidarity." Morales tweeted in December last year. 

Before starting the journey that would take him in three emotional days from the Bolivian city of Villazon to Chimore where he left the country due to threats to his life, Evo held a meeting with the social leader Milagro Sala. Telesur was able to capture that emotional encounter.

"I share Milagro's struggle. Sooner or later justice comes, we are with you. Keep the strength, sister Milagro," Evo said as his words were recorded on teleSUR's lens. "Sister, much strength, much work. Thank you for never abandoning the people," he added.

"Thank you, Evo, for your battle, thank you for your work, thank you for all that you have resisted. Thanks to you, we have been reborn as Indigenous people," Sala replied.

One word is repeated many times in each of Evo's interventions: Thank you. "Thank you very much, brother Alberto, President of Argentina, for accompanying me, guaranteeing my safety. You saved my life, and I will never forget it," he said after crossing from Argentina to the Villazon border city, in Bolivia, on November 9.

“The most important fact is the unity of the Indigenous movement, to recover the ideology that our ancestors left us after suffering years of colonization. That is our social base, and that is the main reason of why I’m here today,” Evo concluded.

On November 11, 2019, Evo Morales was forced to leave the country due to a coup d'état that was encouraged by alleged electoral fraud exposed in the report issued by the Organization of American States (OAS) Observation Mission to Bolivia's 2019 Elections.

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