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Israeli PM Netanyahu Vows to Continue Gaza War

  • Palestinian children wander through the rubble caused by Israeli bombings, Jan. 2024.

    Palestinian children wander through the rubble caused by Israeli bombings, Jan. 2024. | Photo: X/ @V_Palestine20

Published 15 January 2024

"The war will yet take many months," said Netanyahu despite international calls to halt the conflict.

The Israeli offensive entered its 100th day on Sunday, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledging to continue the war in the Gaza Strip until "total victory" is achieved.


Biden Marks the 100 Days of War in Gaza on the Israeli Hostages and Not in the Palestinian Civilians Killed

"We must conduct this war, and it will yet take many months," said Netanyahu despite growing international calls to halt the war due to the deepening humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

During his weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu presented a 2024 budget proposal to his government, seeking approval for a plan that involves tax hikes and the implementation of a uniform 3 percent reduction in the budgets of all government ministries to secure funding for the ongoing war against Gaza.

"At this moment, what is required is, first of all, to cover the expenses of the war and to allow us to continue the war and complete it," Netanyahu told ministers.

His remarks came as Israel awaited a ruling by the International Court of Justice in The Hague, with a possible decision against its massive and crippling offensive in Gaza.

Since Oct. 7, 2023, the Israeli occupation army has murdered at least 23,843 Palestinians in Gaza, 75 percent of whom were women, children and the elderly.

In addition to devastating physical infrastructure, the bombings of the civilian population have caused the forced displacement of over 1 million of Gaza's 2.3 million inhabitants.

The text reads, "Humanitarian organizations and local authorities warn that 800,000 Palestinians face death from hunger and thirst in Gaza if the Zionist genocide continues. In the Gaza Strip, 1 in 20 Palestinians have been killed, injured or missing since the genocidal offensive began on Oct. 7."

So far, the Israeli army, mobilizing about 295,000 reservists, has launched attacks on around 30,000 locations in the 365 square km Palestinian enclave and 750 locations in Lebanon.

On Sunday, Hezbollah Secretary Hassan Nasrallah said that Palestinian resistance forces "do not fear war, and there are no talks before the war on Gaza ends."

"Israel is mired in failure and is in a deep hole... It has not reached any of its declared and undeclared goals as unanimously stated by the Israelis themselves," he stated 

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