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Israeli Bombing in Lebanon Leaves One Dead and Eight Injured

  • Aftermath of the Israeli bombing of Lebanon, March 12, 2024.

    Aftermath of the Israeli bombing of Lebanon, March 12, 2024. | Photo: X/ @beatricefarhat

Published 12 March 2024

Warplanes have been carrying out bombing raids in the Bekaa Valley for second day in a row.

On Tuesday, the Lebanese National News Agency reported that one person died and eight others were injured in a new round of Israeli airstrikes in the Bekaa Valley, in eastern Lebanon.


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The casualties took place in a residential building in the Dahr Ayroun area, where several people are still missing under the rubble as rescue teams continue search efforts in the area.

A few minutes later, a second airstrike hit the town of Naih Shit, and later, a third one targeted the plain of Hosh Rafqa, in the same eastern region.

On Monday night, the Israeli state had already bombed several points in the Bekaa Valley, including the vicinity of Baalbek, causing at least one death and prompting the firing of around a hundred rockets by Hezbollah in response.

Last night's bombing was the second Israeli attack in that region since the crossfire began in October 2023, the worst clashes between the parties since the war they fought in 2006.

The clashes have mainly concentrated in the border areas between the two countries, although Israel has carried out some targeted airstrikes in areas away from the border, including one on Beirut's outskirts last January that killed Hamas' number two, Saleh al Arouri.

Since October, "at least 316 people, mainly Hezbollah fighters, and 53 civilians have been killed in Lebanon," Arab News recalled. 

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