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Israeli Army Leaves 6 Dead and Over 30 Wounded in the West Bank

  • Woman injured by Israeli occupation forces, Nablus, Feb. 22, 2023.

    Woman injured by Israeli occupation forces, Nablus, Feb. 22, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @Wom4en9xx

Published 22 February 2023

So far this year, Israeli terrorist actions have caused 52 Palestinian deaths. Twelve of the victims were minors.

On Wednesday, Israeli occupation forces killed six Palestinians and injured over 30 people in a raid on the city of Nablus in the West Bank.


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Their killings occurred when soldiers stormed Nablus and surrounded a house. Palestinians clashed with soldiers, who fired tear gas and flash grenades at family residences and businesses. Among the victims are Muhamad Khaled Anbousi, 25, and Adnan Saba Baara, 72. 

The clashes occur amid a sharp escalation of violence in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has already caused 52 Palestinian deaths so far in 2023. Twelve of the victims of Israeli terrorism were minors.

"Civilians confronting the Israeli army during raids and uninvolved bystanders have also been killed, as well as Palestinian fighters in targeted assassinations and during armed clashes," AllNews recalled.

Many of these deaths occurred during armed clashes triggered by Israeli military raids in the occupied West Bank.

Raids like this have become almost daily since late March 2022, when Israel launched its "Breaking the Wave" operation in response to resistance actions by Palestinians or Israeli Arabs.

The most frequent focus of these arrest operations is the northern West Bank, especially the cities of Nablus and Jenin, which are home to important local armed groups that confront the Israeli occupation.

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