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Israeli Airstrikes in Aleppo Leave 42 Dead

  • Israeli missile flying over Aleppo in Syria, March 29, 2024.

    Israeli missile flying over Aleppo in Syria, March 29, 2024. | Photo: X/ @RichardHardigan

Published 29 March 2024

Since the offensive against Gaza began, Israel has also intensified its actions against Syria.

The Syrian Foreign Affairs Ministry harshly criticized the bombings that the Israeli state carried out against the city of Aleppo in the early hours of Friday.


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"The Syrian Arab Republic condemns the terrorist aggression launched today at dawn by the Israeli occupation entity against several points in Aleppo, which caused the death and injury of several civilians and soldiers, in addition to material losses," it said.

The bombings caused the death of 36 Syrian soldiers and six members of the Shiite group Hizbullah, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, commenting that the action perpetrated by Israel is the one that has left the most dead on Syrian soil in the last three years.

The bombings occurred "just a few hours after another attack launched on Thursday by Israeli occupation forces against a residential building in rural Damascus, killing two civilians and causing material damage," the Foreign Affairs Ministry stated.

These repeated attacks demonstrate the Sionist state's "aggressive and barbaric character," Syrian diplomacy said, emphasizing that Israel is "the main cause of instability in the region."

For this reason, Syria called on the international community to "assume its responsibilities in the face of serious and repeated Israeli violations of the principles of international law" and asked it to "force" Israel to stop its attacks in Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon.

"Terrorism, which poses a continuing and dangerous threat to the countries and people of the region and the world, must end," the Syrian Foreign Affairs ministry stressed.

Since Israel began its offensive against Gaza in October 2023, the Israeli armed forces have also intensified their actions against Syria, arguing that they seek to eliminate pro-Iranian militias present in that country.

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