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Israel To Send Military Equipment to Ukraine

  • Israel announced it will send armament supplies to Ukraine. Apr. 20, 2022.

    Israel announced it will send armament supplies to Ukraine. Apr. 20, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@EretzInfo

Published 20 April 2022

On Wednesday, the Israeli Minister of Military Affairs announced the country would send military equipment to Kiev.

Benny Gantz, Israeli Minister of Military Affairs, said during a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart, Alki Ruznikov, that the Tel Aviv administration has decided to send military equipment to Kiev at the request of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, according to Wednesday's report of Hebrew media.

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Gantz said that the Israeli government shipment to Ukraine includes helmets and bulletproof vests, alongside medical and paramedical equipment for Ukrainian rescue forces and civilian organizations.

This announcement came as Moscow commented last week on its outrage at Israel for following the West's anti-Russian campaign, particularly Israel's support for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) resolution to remove Russia's membership in the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

The report dropped that a group of ex-military personnel from the Israeli regime had entered Ukraine with the mission to train "nationalists" fighting against Russia.

Since the beginning of the Russian special military operation in Ukrainian territory last February 24, the Tel Aviv government has offered shelter to Ukrainian Jews in its illegal colonies.

The Russian authorities warned that Western countries are putting at risk their security by delivering heavy armament supplies to Ukraine and warned that this move is escalating the conflict and will have tragic repercussions.


Benny Gantz
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