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IACHR Is An Auxiliary Arm of US Interests: Venezuelan FM Gil

  • Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil, 2023.

    Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil, 2023. | Photo: X/ @turpial_web

Published 23 August 2023

Previously, the U.S.-controlled institution questioned the Venezuelan Supreme Court's decisions.

On Tuesday, the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry rejected a document through which the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) intends to question the decisions of the Supreme Court (TSJ).


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"Once again, Venezuela denounces the obedient and mercenary actions of the IACHR in our region, which behaves as a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State," Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yvan Gil said through social networks.

"This position ratifies the correct decision of the Bolivarian Government to get rid of the continued blackmail of an organization that is only conceived as an auxiliary arm of imperial interests," he added.

Through a statement, the Foreign Ministry described the IACHR document as an "unfortunate" text which repeats "the servile adventures" of those who oppose regional interests. This bias in institutional conduct led to the withdrawal of Venezuela from the IACHR in 2019.

"The dismal and discredited IACHR suffers from the minimum of morality to question our Constitution and the rule of law enshrined in it. The arrogance with which it wishes to ignore the legal decisions made by the courts and competent bodies is one more example of its excessive subordination to hostile elements that are launched against the Venezuelan people," the Foreign Ministry said.

Previously, the IACHR described the Venezuelan Supreme Court's decisions as attacks on freedom of association. The U.S.-controlled institution called to "protect civic space" and "guarantee participation in matters of public interest without any type of discrimination."

On August 4, the Supreme Court dismissed the national steering committee of the Venezuelan Red Cross and appointed an "ad hoc restructuring board" to reorganize it.

On August 11, It also ordered the creation of an "ad hoc board of directors" to take the reins of the Venezuelan Communist Party (PCV).


Yvan Gil
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