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Human Rights Should Not Be a Political Tool, Venezuela Warns

  • Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, Caracas, Venezuela.

    Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, Caracas, Venezuela. | Photo: Twitter/ @polianalitica

Published 25 January 2022

Vice President Rodriguez stressed the importance of collaborating in favor of international cooperation during the presentation of her country's human rights report.

During the presentation of Venezuela's Periodic Human Rights Review (UPR) at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, Vice President Delcy Rodriguez called on Tuesday to avoid using the international human rights regime as a political tool.


Presidents Maduro & Putin to Deepen Bilateral Cooperation

“In this same room, where human rights protection importance is being discussed, representatives of the countries that impose unilateral coercive measures are present,” Rodriguez said, and recalled the over 500 U.S. economic sanctions against the Bolivarian government and U.K. kidnapping of Venezuelan gold.

"We raise our voice to make this situation known and take measures to counteract it," she added, stressing that such sanctions undermine the rights of the Venezuelans since they seek to promote the presence of foreign powers in the South American country in the form of "humanitarian" intervention.

The Bolivarian vice president pointed out that the freezing of Venezuelan assets makes it difficult to acquire vaccines and medical products to combat COVID-19. Despite this situation, 95 percent of adult Venezuelans have already been vaccinated against coronavirus.

"President Nicolas Maduro's administration has always prioritized the attention of the population in matters of vital importance such as housing, education, and health care," Rodriguez assured, adding that the Venezuelan health system set an example for the world in halting coronavirus contagions.

She highlighted that the Bolivarian government also has managed to build 3,6 million homes for vulnerable families over the last year and make its country’s gross domestic product grow by over 7 percent over the last semester.

“Instead of promoting coercive measures against its political adversaries, the United States and other developed countries should collaborate in favor of international peace, unity, and cooperation. Otherwise, all nations will continue to face large-scale problems,” she stated.

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