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Honduran President Declares National Security Emergency

  • President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro. Nov. 24, 2022.

    President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro. Nov. 24, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@GobiernoHN

Published 24 November 2022

The President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, announced the national security emergency from the Presidential House while launching the Integral Plan for the Treatment of Extortion and Related Crimes.

The national security emergency implies states of exception and suspension of partial constitutional guarantees in different areas or sectors hit by increased crime, including extortion.

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From the José Cecilio del Valle Palace, Xiomara Castro said this Thursday that "with the integral strategy against extortion and related crimes announced today by the National Police, this Government of Democratic Socialism declares war on extortion." 

Noting that the government is also fighting against corruption, impunity and drug trafficking, the President expressed her commitment to "provide all the security demanded by the Honduran people and restore the dignity lost under the previous regime."

The strategy is coordinated with the Secretariat (ministry) of Security and its Anti-Gang and Organized Crime Police Directorate. "The National Police has my full support; it has all the support to fight crime, extortion, drug trafficking and dismantle criminal organizations to identify and capture white collar leaders," Castro said.

The government of democratic socialism declares a national security emergency.

In this regard, Castro said, "We will have a financial investigation and intelligence system to track, detect and deactivate the laundering of capital and assets of transnational and national organized crime."

Public spaces assaulted and controlled by organized crime and its gangs must be recovered by the National Police "in the shortest possible time." The immediate recovery of "lawless territories in the neighborhoods in the colonies in the towns in the municipalities and the departments" must proceed.

As part of the national security strategy, the Honduran President ordered that controls and surveillance of land, air and maritime borders be carried out jointly with the Armed Forces and the Military Police of Public Order (PMOP).

The National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) must control the sale of chips for telephones; these must be marketed only with the identity number. The National Banking and Insurance Commission must guarantee that all economic transactions are carried out with the responsible party's identification.

During her ten months in office "progress has been made in reversing the neoliberal exploitation model that only contributes to generating inequality and misery," said the President, who acknowledged her government's social program, aimed at educational, health and economic improvements, is advancing "rapidly in security matters."

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