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Honduras: Alternative Economic Model Must Ensure Food Security

  • The United Nations World Food Forum is being held in Italy, in Rome, until October 21. Oct. 17, 2022.

    The United Nations World Food Forum is being held in Italy, in Rome, until October 21. Oct. 17, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@FAOSocioEcon

Published 17 October 2022

"The current world order is primarily responsible for this human tragedy," said Honduran President Xiomara Castro, referring to the issue of hunger at the United Nations World Food Forum.

On this occasion, the President advocated an alternative model to capitalism which, as she said, must guarantee food security and sovereignty and be humane and fair, anti-colonialist, anti-racist, multipolar and feminist. 

Global Food Prices Decline but Remain Near All-time Highs

Every four seconds, a person in the world is in danger of dying of hunger. Meanwhile, billions of dollars in weapons are sent to conflicts that only serve to line the pockets of warlords, said the President of Honduras. 

"There is much hypocrisy in this world, when we pretend that poverty and hunger have nothing to do with the insane violence of the First World industrial-military-financial complex, which is interested in peace."

In this sense, Castro called for a review of free trade agreements and financial speculation, "which only safeguard capital and put democracy at risk without regard for life and nature, especially in the Latin American region."

The President said hunger is the result of the infinite greed of capital. "The current world order is the main responsible for this human tragedy, and the powerful financial groups of transnational capital with their extractive and privatizing model, with their mercantile activities, obtain the greatest benefits."

From October 17 to 21 in Rome, leaders from many countries, scientists, entrepreneurs and other personalities will attend the United Nations World Food Forum.

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