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Honduran Parliament to Investigate Former Attorneys General

  • Honduran congress, 2023.

    Honduran congress, 2023. | Photo: X/ @criteriohn

Published 4 September 2023

The corruption-related investigations will also cover non-governmental organizations used by political parties.

On Sunday, the Honduran Parliament President Luis Redondo announced the appointment of "a special commission to immediately investigate the former heads of the Public Ministry and their participation by action or omission in organized crime structures."


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The corruption-related investigations will cover the former State Attorney General and the former Deputy Attorney General and non-governmental organizations used by political parties, for the receipt and laundering of assets.

Although the commission will investigate all former heads of the Public Ministry who have held office since the 1990s, analysts believe that the investigations will be focused on Oscar Chinchilla and Daniel Sibrian, who ended their term on August 31.

On Monday, Chinchilla, who held office for 10 years, traveled to Nicaragua ostensibly to take office as a member of the Central American Justice Court.

Chinchilla and Sibrian were due to be replaced on Sept. 1. This, however, did not happen because the Honduran Parliament did not agree to elect to the new Attorneys General.

The ruling Liberty and Refoundation (Libre) party needs to reach agreements with opposition benches to achieve a majority that allows it to elect those authorities.

Currently, there are five candidates for the highest authorities of the Attorney General's Office. Their election process failed during the last week of August but could continue this week.

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