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CELAC-EU Summit Must Reject Arbitrary Sanctions: Xiomara Castro

  • Honduran President Xiomara Castro, July 17, 2023.

    Honduran President Xiomara Castro, July 17, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @VPITV

Published 17 July 2023

The Honduran president also denounced that her administration suffers daily sabotage and even a lobby against her emanating from Washington's most conservative groups.

On Monday, during the summit between the European Union (EU) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), Honduran President Xiomara Castro forcefully rejected the arbitrary sanctions imposed against Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.


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"The CELAC-EU summit must approve a resolution demanding the end of the blockade against Cuba," she said, making implicit reference to the sanctions promoted by the United States and its allies against the Cuban revolution.

"The United Nations rejected this blockade as an arbitrary and obsolete measure, which condemns to sacrifice a people who could achieve a high standard of living," Castro added.

"It is necessary to end piracy and the confiscation of goods because we are all exposed to one day finding that our monetary reserves have been frozen in foreign banks or we do not have the possibility of chartering transport for the goods that our peoples need," she pointed out .

"We raise our voice so that all the patrimony illegally withheld from the Venezuelan people be reinstated," the Honduran president said, thus recalling the financial and productive assets that the United States and UK have confiscated from the Bolivian Nation.

"We demand the elimination of the barriers that prevent us from normalizing our commercial relations with sister countries like Nicaragua," Castro added.

The Honduran leftist leader took the opportunity to denounce that her administration "suffers daily sabotage, a fierce media smear campaign, and even a lobby against her emanating from Washington's most conservative groups."

"The far-right renews threats on social media. However, our people are organized to resist and know that a new coup is materially impossible," Castro pointed out.

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