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Honduran Congress To Repeal Hourly Employment Law

  • A citizen work in coffee production, Honduras.

    A citizen work in coffee production, Honduras. | Photo: Twitter/ @BancoMundialLAC

Published 15 April 2022

This law entitles employers to boost half-time or hourly contracts, something articles 46 to 48 of the Labor Code forbids.

On Thursday, the Honduran pro-government Freedom and Refoundation (Libre) Party confirmed that it has sufficient support in Congress to repeal the hourly employment law, which was adopted under the far-right President Porfirio Lobo’s administration (2010-2014).


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Such law entitles employers to boost half-time or hourly contracts, the payment of which shall be agreed by them and the worker exclusively. The Honduran Association of Labor Lawyers (AALH) argued that this policy violates articles 46 to 48 of the Labor Code, which sets permanent hiring as a general rule in all employment relations.

 "This law has worsening working conditions for Hondurans," the AALH added, recalling that workers hired part-time or hourly only receive a layoff payment of just 4 percent.

A Beverage Industry Workers Union (STIBYS) and Rights Center for Women (CDM) report showed that 57 percent of workers hired under this regime have worked the same hours as in full-time employment.

This report also revealed that about 75 percent of Honduran women with part-time work have not had access to maternity licenses or have been denied the right to breastfeeding.

"This situation has benefited employers who have amassed wealth as a product of exploitation," the AALH stated, recalling that poverty increased by 20 percent since the hourly employment law was passed.

"We expect Congress to repeal this law soon after Holy Week. More policies in favor of the Honduran people will be approved under President Xiomara Castro’s administration,” Libre legislator Juan Barahona stated.

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