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Hezbollah Leader on Maritime Border Talks With Israel

  • "An agreement will only be considered final after it is signed," the secretary general of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance Movement (Hezbollah) warned. Oct. 11, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@AviKaner

Published 11 October 2022

Hezbollah's secretary general Seyed Hasan Nasrallahel called the efforts to reach an agreement on the maritime border between Lebanon and Israel "crucial hours."

In a speech on Tuesday, Seyed Hasan Nasrallah referred to negotiations on a maritime border demarcation agreement with the Israeli occupation regime, warning an agreement will only be considered final after it is signed.

Israel Welcomes US Proposal on Maritime Border With Lebanon

"We are facing crucial hours, and we, as Lebanese people, are waiting for the official position to be announced by the president [Michel Aoun], we are waiting for the official position of the [Israeli] enemy and only after the signing we will be able to say that an agreement has been reached," Nasrallah said.

On the negotiations, the Hezbollah leader acknowledged that the final stretch of the negotiations was difficult, "We must be careful, because there are those who can change their minds at any time, and these were difficult and tough negotiations."

"Our sea extends to Gaza," the Secretary General said, noting that "when Palestine is liberated, we will not disagree with our Palestinian brothers on the demarcation of maritime borders." In this regard, Nasrallah said the operations of the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank are significant and courageous.

A final draft agreement that meets all the requirements for resolving the long-running maritime dispute has been received from U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein, officials from both sides said Tuesday. 

The maritime line between Lebanon and the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories has been a contentious issue for decades. 

There is technically a state of war between the two sides as a result of Israel's plan to annex these disputed waters, home to the rich Karish and Qana gas fields.

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