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Hezbollah Launches New Barrage of Missiles Against Israel

  • Hezbollah fighters, 2024.

    Hezbollah fighters, 2024. | Photo: X/ @chosenone5_

Published 24 April 2024

Previously, Israel bombed a house in Hanine, causing the death of a woman and her minor niece.

On Wednesday, the Islamic Resistance Movement of Lebanon (Hezbollah) confirmed the launch of dozens of rockets against the settlement of Shomera in northern Israel.


Hezbollah Attacks Israeli Positions With Success

Previously, Israeli aircraft bombed a house in Hanine with two missiles, completely destroying it and causing the death of a woman and her minor niece, in addition to leaving at least six others injured.

The Israeli Army confirmed a series of launches from Lebanese territory that fell in open spaces in Shomera and stated that one of its fighters destroyed the platform from which the projectiles were fired in the Tair Haifa area.

The forces of the Zionist state also announced air and artillery attacks against Hezbollah infrastructure, a surveillance post, or a military building in different parts of southern Lebanon.

The text reads, "Hezbollah published this video, '200 Days of Resilience and Heroism', summarizing its operations against Israel since Oct. 8, 2023."

On Tuesday night, the Lebanese group had launched a round of projectiles against the town of Margaliot, located in the north of Israeli territory and close to the common border.

The Islamic Resistance Movement of Lebanon also claimed responsibility for a drone attack against Israeli military positions north of the city of Acre.

Since October 2023, attacks carried out by the Israeli army have killed at least 380 people in Lebanon. Thousands of people have had to abandon their homes.

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