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Giant March Supporting Arce Advances Through Bolivian Highlands

  • Citizens heading towards La Paz City, Bolivia, Nov. 26, 2021.

    Citizens heading towards La Paz City, Bolivia, Nov. 26, 2021. | Photo: MAS

Published 26 November 2021

"Long live our President Lucho! Fight, you are not alone!," thousands of Indigenous farmers and workers shout as they pass through the towns and cities.

After leaving Patacamaya three days ago, the “March for the Homeland” has traveled 95 out of 200 kilometers needed to reach La Paz City, where it will express its support for President Luis Arce.


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The Bolivian Labor Union (COB) and dozens of social organizations decided to mobilize their militants in defense of a democratically elected government, which is being threatened by the Santa Cruz Civic Committee and other far-right organizations that have openly called for a new coup d'etat.

During its journey, the March swelled its ranks with Indigenous farmers, students, and workers who joined the defense of the government led by the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS).

"Long live the Unity March! Long live our President Lucho! Long live the March for the Homeland! Fight, you are not alone!," the marchers shout as they pass through the towns and cities.

“In order to reach La Paz in less than 7 days, people speed up their pace by jogging from time to time. Today they planned to travel 40 kms," teleSUR correspondent Freddy Morales reported, adding that the Female Farmers Federation "Bartolina Sisa" demanded that the U.S.-backed opposition respect the will of the people.

The inclement Andean cold has not stopped thousands of marchers who have slept for three days in the open air. “When they pass through the villages, people share food, fruits and water with them,” the teleSUR correspondent testified.

This gigantic march includes social organizations such as the Bolivian Confederation of Agricultural Workers (CSUTCB), the Confederacy of Intercultural Communities (CSCIOB), the National Council of Ayllus (CONAMQ), and the Confederation of Indigenous peoples of Eastern Bolivia (CIDOB).


Luis Arce
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