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Gas Theft in the US as Prices Rise

  • As fuel prices continue to climb, there is gas theft occurring across the U.S. Mar. 12, 2022.

    As fuel prices continue to climb, there is gas theft occurring across the U.S. Mar. 12, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@DSV_US

Published 12 March 2022

Gas and oil prices continue to be affected in Western countries by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine military conflict.

Intended to sanction Russia, the U.S. Biden administration banned all imports, including gas and oil, coming from the European country resulting in the explosion of prices nationwide.

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According to U.S. police departments reports, there has been an increase in gas theft nationwide. The police department called on the public to watch and take precautionary steps against the gas thieves.  

In Washington, the Everett Police department warned civilians about thieves using powerful tools to drill a hole in the gas tank and steal fuel. Jeff Myers, Hoquiam Chief of Police, posted on his Facebook account: "We often discover these thefts later when the owner goes to the gas station to fill up and finds all the fuel dumping out under the vehicle from the cut filler line."

Police departments recommended some ways to prevent becoming vulnerable to thieves. The authorities mentioned buying a locking gas cap or parking in a well-lit area or a garage among the measures to take. The police department from Renton suggested not to park in public places for an extended period or at least to avoid the fuel tank being visible from the main road.

Businesses are also taking precautions in the face of the emerging situation; one gas Station from Michigan has now established as a requirement the pre-payment for gasoline or payment with a credit card at the pump.

Atlanta and Giorgia have also reported cases of gas theft, where the police have arrested the man "who was not only entering autos and stealing items from cars but also damaging cars by puncturing gas tanks and stealing gasoline." Southern California has been affected as well, being this one of the states with the highest gas prices in the country.

Since the beginning of the Russian special military operation on February 24 in Ukraine, Western nations have imposed sanctions on the European country, including banning oil and gas imports.


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