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Disasters Displace More Than 9,000 People in Rwanda

  • Outcomes of the adverse weather in Rwanda. May. 8, 2023.

    Outcomes of the adverse weather in Rwanda. May. 8, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@PeoplesDailyapp

Published 8 May 2023

"About 5,598 families were displaced and are hosted at different sites..."

Adverse weather conditions that occurred in Rwanda during the preceding week have resulted in the displacement of over 9,000 individuals in various regions of the nation, a government representative said.


Heavy Rains Kill at Least 109 People in Rwanda

On Saturday, in a news conference in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, Marie Solange Kayisire, the Minister in charge of Emergency Management said: "About 5,598 families were displaced and are hosted at different sites. The government has distributed aid to many of those displaced, including feeding and other basic necessities."

The minister stated that efforts to relocate individuals impacted by the situation are presently in progress. Furthermore, evaluations are being conducted to determine the specific forms of aid that each family requires.

"Those who were living in rented accommodation will be supported to rent in, while those whose own houses were destroyed will also be supported to get decent housing," she said.

During the recent press conference, the minister announced that extensive flooding and landslides, caused by heavy rainfall, have resulted in the loss of 131 lives and 94 injured in the Western, Northern, and Southern provinces of Rwanda.

According to the statement, 34 individuals continue to receive medical attention at healthcare centers and one person remains missing.

Additionally, the event led to the destruction of over 5,550 homes, 14 roadways, and more than 50 educational institutions. Moreover, the wreckage caused damage to agricultural crops, water resources, and power structures within the affected region.

The government has made an appeal to inhabitants residing in regions regarded as highly susceptible to hazards, urging them to relocate to areas deemed secure.

Meanwhile, Ernest Nsabimana, the Minister of Infrastructure, expressed that the government necessitates an estimated sum of 110 billion Rwandan Francs (equivalent to roughly 98.3 million US dollars) to reconstruct the damaged infrastructure resulting from this week's disasters in the nation.

Nsabimana stated during the press conference that the disbursement encompasses a sum of 41 billion Rwandan francs for reparation of national roadways, 38 billion Rwandan francs for the construction of bridges, and 5 billion Rwandan francs for the renovation of power infrastructure.

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