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Director Of TeleSur To Receive Journalism Award In Honduras

  •  During the gala, Patricia Villegas will receive the

    During the gala, Patricia Villegas will receive the "Wendy Ávila." May. 23, 2023 | Photo: Twitter/@pvillegas_tlSUR

Published 23 May 2023

Journalists and sociaTeleSURl communicators will be awarded by the President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro.

Patricia Villegas, Colombian journalist and director of the TeleSUR network, will receive this Wednesday, May 24, one of the "Mártires de la Resistencia" journalism awards from the hands of the President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro.

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During the gala, Villegas will receive the "Wendy Ávila" award, in honor of the young woman who dedicated herself to the struggle against the coup d'état against Manuel Zelaya and died defying the coup perpetrators.

The award ceremony will be held at 11:00 a.m. at the Government House to eight social communicators, of which five are Hondurans and three are foreigners.

In addition, equal recognitions will be given to the communicators Rony Espinoza, representative of Channel 8, who will be honored with the "Héctor González" (Jerónimo) award and Mario René Morazán Rodríguez, from HRN, winner of the "Emo Sadlo" award.

The tweet reads, "Meet the journalists who will be honored with the "Martyrs of the Resistance" awards in the framework of the Journalist's Day."

Among the honorees are also journalists Rony Jonathan Martínez Chávez, of UNE TV, with the "Isy Obeb Murillo" award, Jhony José Lagos Henríquez, of the newspaper El Libertador, who will receive the "Pedro Magdiel" award, and Orlando Sierra, of the AFP press agency, who received the "Erick Martínez" award.

The same distinctions will go to the Swedish Dick Emanuelsson, independent journalist, who will receive the "Roger Vallejo" award, and the Argentine Juan Manuel Karg, political scientist at the University of Buenos Aires, who works for "Kaos en la Red" and received the "José Manuel López" award.

It is important to recognize that the names of each of the awards are in recognition of some of the martyrs of the struggle that the Honduran people, in resistance, lived during the last twelve years. In this way, although they are no longer physically present, they are still present.

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