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Venezuela Takes Note of the Conference and Demands for Dialogue

  • International Conference in Bogota, Colombia. Apr. 26, 2023.

    International Conference in Bogota, Colombia. Apr. 26, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@rafliazani

Published 26 April 2023

"...Venezuela reiterated the "imperative need" for the removal of "each and every one of the unilateral coercive measures..."

The government of Venezuela assured that it "takes note" of the international conference that addressed the political process in the country, convened in Colombia on Tuesday. In addition, it has reiterated its demands to "advance in the dialogue" with the opposition in Mexico, a process that has been stalled since November. Specifically, the government has underscored its demand for the removal of "each and every one" of the sanctions.


Summit on Venezuelan Political Situation Kicks Off in Bogota

Shortly after the conclusion of the conference in Bogota, the Executive released a communiqué in which it stated that it "takes note of the deliberations carried out" at the conference. The participating entities from 18 nations were in consensus regarding the necessity to implement a schedule for free elections and a progressive lifting of sanctions, as outlined in the final declaration.

Venezuela reiterated the "imperative need" for the removal of "each and every one of the unilateral coercive measures, illegal and harmful to international law, which constitute an aggression against the entire Venezuelan population and which hinder the development of the economic and social life of the country".

In this sense, he demanded the "return of the assets belonging to the Venezuelan State illegally retained by foreign countries and financial institutions".

It affirmed that the "path to advance in the political dialogue goes through the full compliance with the commitment reached at the negotiation table in Mexico", in November, for the "creation of a social fund which, with the release of resources belonging to the Venezuelan people, contemplates investments in health, education, public services and risk mitigation".

Furthermore, he reiterated his demand for the "immediate" release of "diplomat" Alex Saab, who is currently being held in the United States and facing charges for the offense of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Alvaro Leyva, Colombia’s Foreign Minister, explained that the countries attending the meeting agreed on the "need to establish an electoral schedule that allows free and transparent elections with full guarantees for all Venezuelan actors."

Furthermore, they have made a request that the "the steps agreed to the satisfaction of the parties go in parallel with the lifting of the different sanctions".

It was mutually acknowledged that the ongoing negotiations in Mexico are to be supplemented through the expeditious execution of the solitary trust fund for societal investment in Venezuela. This allusion is made to the accord established in November, which sanctions the disbursement of 3 billion dollars towards pressing initiatives.

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